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Praetego Camera Wraps

Made in UK.   Praetego protective wrap is constructed of padded hook and loop knit with a non scratch backing. It can be wrapped around cameras, lenses, tools or any gear you wish to protect.

Cameras London…..Cameras London has been established in Portobello Road since 2011, selling a wide variety of vintage film and plate cameras, including TLR’s, SLR’s, Lenses, Rangefinders, Films and Accessories, etc.

Camera Manual Library    Some 5600 instruction manuals for all kinds of film cameras.  They are free to download, in clear PDF format, not the blurry ones found here and there.

Camtech PhotographicCamtech first traded in 1995. As avid photographic enthusiasts for over 35 years, we feel that we know what you want from your dealer……..

antiquewoodcameras   Rob Niederman's site looks at traditional wood cameras from the nineteenth century.

photozone   PhotoZone has the mission to provide a variety of information about various Photography related topics ( now  ).

steves-digicams    If you need to see a report on a digital camera then try this site.

Ihagee & Exakta Products and History  Collectors of Exakta cameras and other Ihagee products and people interested in the history of this factory and its founder, Johan Steenbergen, will find practical and background information on this site.

Pictorial History of NIKON Cameras   If you are a Nikon fan then this is a site you must visit.

M.P.P. Users Club
You will find information about the Micro Precision Products company and the M.P.P. Users Club below.

The Photographic Collector’s Club of Great Britain.

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